Welcome to the official website of Non-Governmental Ogranization “Ukrainian center of economic law”.

NGO was established upon the initiative of economic law scientists from Odesa and Kyiv. The key members of the Organization are the following:  Oleg Petrovych Podcerkovniy, Doctor of Law, Professor, corresponding member of Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine – the Head of the Conference of the Organization; Yulian Zinoviiovych Drapaylo, PhD in Law – the Chairman of the Board of the Organization; Olena Anatoliivna Belianevych – the scientific adviser;  Sergiy Volodymyrovych Shklyar, PhD in Law, Attorney-at-law, founding partner of the law firm “Arzinger”; Mykhaylo Yuriiovych Kartuzov,  PhD in Law, managing partner at the law firm “Kartuzov and Partners”; Bayderin Olexandr Anatoliyovych, partner at the law firm “CLS”, Attorney-at-law; Vadym Pavlovych Popeliuk,  PhD in Law, Attorney-at-law; Olexandr Rudolfovych Gofman, PhD in Law; Denys Yuriiovych Siiushov, tax consultant at the consulting firm “KPMG-Ukraine”; and other scientists and practitioners. 

The purpose of NGO “Ukrainian center of economic law” is an association of scientists and practitioners for: (i) facilitation of the development of Ukraine as a law-bound state, (ii) promotion of jurisprudence through the development and expertise of legal acts, (iii) provision of scientific and legal assistance to public authorities and other entities, (iv) supporting the improvement of legal science in Ukraine and (v) implementation of other organizational and legal measures as well as serving and protecting interests of its members.

NGO “Ukrainian center of economic law” as a priority focuses on:

1. Coordination of theoretical and applied works of lawyers in the field of economic law irrespective of their place of work through mutual consultations, scientific conferences, round tables and other events;

2. Enhancement of knowledge of laws and culture of business administration by entrepreneurs through advocacy and in other ways;

3. Development of relevant draft laws and other legal acts needed by the domestic economy;

4. Scientific expertise of draft legal acts, scientific papers and other objects of scientific interest which contribute to the development of economic and legal thought;

5. Provision of legal advice regarding the rules of substantive and / or procedural law to be applied in judicial, administrative and other matters related to the development of economic relations on the most pressing matters;

6. Provision of scientific advice and other legal assistance in cases requiring priority public participation.