Legal expertise

NGO “Ukrainian Center of Economic law” can assist in legal expertise of relevant economic and legal papers affecting the level of understanding of law in the field of economic relations, and other objects. The expertise results in preparation of a scientific conclusion prepared by persons with PhD and Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees.

  • Expertise of draft legal acts

NGO “Ukrainian Center of Economic Law” can assist in drafting relevant draft laws and other legal acts extremely important for the development of the domestic economy.
If such draft legal act was drawn up by another entity, our organization can perform an expert examination (peer review) of such a draft, resulting in provision of a scientific conclusion comprising of positive and negative features of the draft and the conclusion on the expediency of its adoption.

  • Expertise of commercial contracts

If the development of large business projects important for the Ukrainian economy depend on the quality of a commercial contract, NGO “Ukrainian Center of Economic Law” can involve scientists to formulate a legal view regarding the content of such draft commercial contract or to identify shortcomings in existing contracts, to make proposals for the improvement of such draft contract which can result in preparation of a scientific conclusion by the members of organization with scientific degree.

  • Expertise of scientific papers

NGO “Ukrainian Center of Economic Law” can involve legal scientists to carry out expertise (peer review) of dissertations, monographs, research articles and other scientific works in the field of law.

Subjects to the expertise of such kind are:

1) Reasonableness and novelty of research findings;

2) Absence of plagiarism

3) Compliance with the paper design requirements;

4) Other issues as agreed

  • Expertise of other objects

NGO “Ukrainian Center of Economic law” provides legal expertise of other objects upon an agreement.